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Issue - termites


Let’s hope this Bad Bug isn’t eating up your house!

Issue - Tick Removal

Tick Removal

Tick removal is all about patience, says UF vet Dr. Rick Alleman.

Issue - Under Quarantine - stink bug

Under Quarantine

Florida is under constant threat of invasion – by non-native bugs.

Issue - Africanized Honey Bee

Bee Aware

Africanized bees react vigorously to threats. Here’s how to avoid posing one. ...

Anopheles mosquito, Photo credit: Jim Newman – Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Net Result

Learn how an enzyme could make mosquito netting more protective…

Issue Bed Bugs

Bad Company

Don’t bring bed bugs home from your summer vacation…

Did You Know?

On average, one new non-native insect is detected in Florida each month.

Something to Think About

In many of the world’s cultures, insects are used as food.