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Bugs Around The House
Black Witch Moth Female

Black Witch Moth

This is a big bug. It needs to be, considering all the cultural baggage it carries.

Horned Passalus

Horned Passalus

This bug loves to eat wood. But don’t worry, your house isn’t on the menu (finally).

Cloudless Sulpher adult butterfly

Cloudless Sulfur

The cloudless sulfur just might be the most common butterfly in North Florida.

Giant Water Bug

Giant Water Bug

It’s the terror of the public pool! Scourge of shopping center parking lots after dark!

Giant Leopard Moth

Giant Leopard Moth

You may have seen this moth before, maybe on the exterior of a building.

Eye Gnat

Eye Gnats

They’re called eye gnats. These tiny flies don’t bite or sting.

velvet ant

Velvet Ant

If you’re a nature lover, you might be familiar with the term “warning coloration.”

Ant Lion


Here’s a bug that’s widely recognized in its larval form and sinks into obscurity as an adult.

Jadera Bug

Jadera Bug

Here’s a bug that many Florida residents have probably never seen, or even heard about.

Microscopic Bugs

Microscopic Ballontick

Microscopic ballontick body


Microscopic mosquito

Microscopic mosquito head


Microscopic rollypolly

Microscopic rollypolly body


Microscopic rollypolly 2

Microscopic rollypolly head


Microscopic rollypolly 3

Microscopic rollypolly head


Microscopic small grasshopper

Microscopic small grasshopper head and body

Microscopic Aphid ‌‌‌

Microscopic Aphid

Microscopic aphid head and body

close up of fly eyes and head‌‌

Microscopic fly

Microscopic fly head and eyes

Horse Fly closeup‌‌

Microscopic horse fly head

Microscopic horse fly head and legs

wasp closeup‌‌

Microscopic wasp head

Microscopic wasp head

Fruit Fly wing closeup‌‌

Fruit Fly Wing-Light-MDT

Microscopic fruit fly wing

Fruit Fly closeup‌‌

Fruit Fly x50-Light-MD

Microscopic fruit fly head

ladybug wing closeup‌‌

Ladybug Wings SEM MDT

Microscopic ladybug wings

tick closeup

Tick 2 Color SEM MD

Two-color microscopic tick

tick closeup

Tick 3 Color SEM MD

Microscopic three color tick