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Jaret Daniels holding a Schaus Swallowtail


Associate Professor, Entomology and Nematology Department

Butterflies and moths, which scientists call Lepidoptera, are important insect pollinators. Dr. Daniels specializes in these insects. He is especially interested in native insect pollinators and conservation of at-risk butterflies, such as the federally endangered Schaus’ Swallowtail and the Miami blue. During Bug Week 2018, visitors to the Florida Museum of Natural History will see both of these butterflies in propagation in Dr. Daniels’ lab.

He has studied the impacts of roadside vegetation and mowing practices on native insect pollinators. If you’ve ever spotted a sign on a Florida highway median that says “UF Pollinator Study” you may have been seeing Dr. Daniels’ research in action.

Dr. Daniels’ research also focuses on developing sustainable pollination strategies for specialty crops, and testing how native and non-native plants in agricultural landscapes affect insect pollinators. Likewise, Dr. Daniels investigates the ability of various types of Florida urban and suburban landscapes—native plants, Florida Friendly Landscaping and exotic plants—to support native wildlife and insect pollinators.

Dr. Daniels teaches courses in grant writing and insect conservation.

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