May 18-23, 2015

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The southern chinch bug is Florida’s No. 1 turf pest.

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May 18-23, 2015
UF BugWeek 2015

May 23, 2015
Scavenger Hunts

June 16-18, 2015
Conference on Laurel Wilt Disease and Natural Ecosystems

July 18-26, 2015
National Moth Week (U.S.)

March 2016
2016 UF Bee College

March 14, 2016
Learn About Butterflies Day

April 2016
National Pest Management Month (U.S.)

June 20-26, 2016
National Insect Week (U.K.)

Sept. 25-30, 2016
25th International Congress of Entomology (in Orlando)

The Asian tiger mosquito is a vicious daytime biter.

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Crash Course in Taxonomy, or, What Those Funny Latin Terms for Bugs Mean

If you’ve been paying attention to any of our BugWeek coverage, you’ve probably noticed that we use Latin terms pretty often in our descriptions of bugs. For example, if we mention the common bed bug we’ll probably reference its scientific name, Cimex lectularius. Maybe you’ve wondered what this terminology meant. Here, we’ll try to explain.

The green darner dragonfly migrates through South Florida each year, eating mosquitoes all the way.

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Like the lovebugs, BugWeek@UF is back!

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